All you need to know about Documents Attestation

What is Attestation?

The dictionary describes attestation as evidence or proof of something or to formally certify something. Attestation is a testimony or confirmation that something is true, genuine, or authentic. An attestation is frequently in writing

Why do you need to Attest your Documents?

If you are applying for a private, government or semi government job or want to open a business in UAE, majority of corporations and authorities in UAE have a prerequisite of submitting attested documents to initiate the process. If you are a student and want to apply for a university degree, you will be required to submit original attested documents to confirm the admission process.

Similarly, applying for bank services or any other professional services may require you to submit attested copies of documents.

List of Documents that you can get Attested.

You can get your personal documents attested for visa stamping purposes including:

Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate & Divorce Certificate etc.

Attestation of educational documents can be done which includes but is not limited to:
School Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor’s degree Certificate, Bachelor’s Transcript, Master’s degree Certificate

Master’s Transcript, PhD Certificates etc.

Business and Company Documents attestation is needed for bank account opening and other purposes. You can get the following documents attested:

Audit Reports, Trade Licenses, Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incumbency, Lease, Certificate of Good standing, True Copy of Certificates, VAT Registration Certificate.

You can also get other miscellaneous documents attested as well such as Title Deeds, Authorization letters or Power of Attorney.

Who will Attest your Documents?

You can get your documents attested as per your need. We will assist you in getting your documents attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Health Development Authority and all- countries respective embassies present in UAE.

How can we help you?

FZ Business Consultancy also known as FZ Business Consultancy is a well-established and professionally managed service provider that provides fast, accurate, and economical services to its clients.

We can assist in getting attestation of wide range of documents in UAE including educational certificates and degrees, personal documents, and business certificates etc.

We can help you with any Legalizations, Authentications, or Translations that you may require for any form of document. If you look around our website, you’ll find most of the information you need about attestation of various types of documents, the time it takes, and the procedures involved. We are always available to address any questions you might have.

You can rely on us for getting MOFA attestation or getting a document attested from respective embassy.

Our extensive expertise in arranging certificate attestation and ensuring that it is completed correctly and in accordance with the law will make the attestation process an easy and stress free for you.

We at FZ Business Consultancy will assist you in establishing your business in UAE without any unusual costs and constraints. Our consultants with years of experience will make the procedure hassle-free for you. Email us at for your queries.

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