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Freelancers are professionals who are not engaged by a corporation on a long-term basis. They are self-employed individuals who operate in a variety of creative fields such as art, sport, personal development, photography, education, or the media.

For a long period, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not recognize this type of worker. It generated a great deal of ambiguity in terms of making their work lawful and obtaining residency in the UAE.

Freelancing permits or licenses are issued by different zones in UAE, some of them are listed below.

Ajman Free Zone Freelance License

For freelancers, Ajman Free Zone has created two packages:

Pioneer package and Freelance package.

They are both designed for a single owner who can choose from a variety of professions such as IT, education, design, management consulting, beauty and personal care, media consulting, and studies.

The Pioneer package is aimed for people between the ages of 20 and 30 and only has 1 visa eligibility, However, the Freelance package is suitable for anyone and has up to 2 visa allocations.

The Freelance license is identical to a standard business license from this free zone, with just the bottom noting that it is a pioneer or freelance setup.

With this License, you’ll also be eligible for a three-year Investor visa.

Shams (Sharjah) Freelance License

Sharjah Media City Free Zone is offering freelance/ media package for only AED 5750.

The package includes following Media Activities: E-commerce, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Events Organizing, Computer Programming & Consultancy, Media Production, Photography, Web portals, Printing, Market research, Graphics Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Publishing and Translation Services.

However, you can select only 1 activity, for additional activity, a payment of AED1000 will be required. This package doesn’t include Visa allocation. However, if you wish to apply for Visa, you can upgrade the package for 1 Visa allocation.

RAKEZ Freelance License

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone has come up with several freelance packages.
RAKEZ is offering different categories for men and women freelancers.

Women can get a freelance permit for as low as AED 3600. For men, the packages are starting from AED 6000.

How to get a Freelance License in UAE?

Freelancers represent the future of many industries and will have a significant impact on UAE’s diversified population.

FZ Business Consultancy with a thorough understanding of the freelancing community, helps in reaching your goals in the UAE, as we are a registered service provider for all above free zones.

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