Setting up an Offshore Company in JAFZA

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) - Offshore

An offshore company refers to a company incorporated in a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction where business activities are carried out or a company incorporated in an offshore financial center. Offshore companies sometimes referred as tax havens do not carry out economic or commercial activities in the country where they are licensed. These companies are controlled by foreign companies or individuals doing business in other parts of the world.

JAFZA was established in 1985. The offshore company setup in Jebel Ali , Dubai was introduced in 2003 under the Jebel Ali Free Zone offshore companies regulations. However, The Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2018 just took effect, replacing the previous regulations. These regulations are business-friendly and offers a lot or benefits to the investors.

Under these regulations, an offshore company is not allowed to directly execute any activity in the United Arab Emirates or to hold a lease of a property established in the United Arab Emirates, apart from some exceptions. An offshore company cannot carry out banking, insurance or any other business prohibited by the Authority.

JAFZA with having one of the world’s largest shipping ports in its surroundings allows the investors there to enjoy the unlimited perks of the free zone and grow their businesses.  

Offshore companies are also allowed to maintain records within UAE, engage with agents and consultants and can also hold meetings of the board members inside UAE.

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