Tax Residency Certificate Dubai

Earlier the Ministry of Finance issued tax certificates for qualified persons who live and work in the United Arab Emirates to sign the advantages of avoiding double taxation agreements. Tax Residency Certificates can now be obtained from Federal Taxation Authority FTA under the new regulations since November 2020.

What is a Tax residency Certificate?

Tax Residency Certificate or a Tax Domicile Certificate is a document issued for eligible natural and legal persons to take advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE.

Purpose of a Tax Residency Certificate:

  1. Registration with the Tax Authorities so the information is up to date.
  2. Acts as a Proof that a person is Tax Resident of UAE
  3. To Avoid Double Taxation (DTAA)

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Tax Residency Certificate?

Any Individual or a Private, Corporate, Government Entity may be eligible to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate. The Authority has classified them as Natural or Legal Persons. According to the Federal Authority, any company in UAE can apply for a Tax Residency Certificate apart from an Offshore Company.

Natural Persons:

Any individual residing and working in UAE for at least 180 days may be eligible to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate.

Documents Required for an individual are:

  1. Passport Copy
  2. Emirates ID Copy
  3. Valid Residence Visa
  4. Tenancy Contract
  5. Bank Statement for 6 months
  6. Salary/ Source of Income
  7. Immigration Report of Residency from GDRFA

Legal Persons:

Legal Person includes Legal Entities, Private or Government Bodies that can act as a person and carry out activity.

Documents Required for Business Entities are:

  1. Trade License
  2. Authorized Signatory’s Passport Copy
  3. Emirates ID Copy
  4. Valid Residency Visa
  5. Ejari/ Certified Tenancy Contract
  6. Bank Statement for 6 months
  7. Audited Financial Statements
  8. Articles Of Association

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