Business License Renewal Services in UAE

The Business License Renewal process involves updating a company’s license. It’s a complex task that requires attention to detail and substantial time and effort for documentation. Companies receive a one-year license from the issuing authority during registration, which must be renewed annually to prevent business disruptions. Different types of licenses are issued based on the business profile, such as commercial, professional, and tourist licenses.

Our renewal services allow businesses to continue operating smoothly by providing support throughout the process. We remind our customers in advance of the renewal deadline to prevent legal issues and penalties.

FZ Consultancy streamlines the renewal process in Dubai to prevent delays and fines, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

Is a company trade license required to be renewed annually in UAE? Yes, a company trade license must be renewed annually in the UAE, with associated fees.

What is the minimum/maximum partner limit for different legal forms of licensing?

  • A sole proprietorship is owned by one person only.
  • An LLC must have a minimum of 2 partners and a maximum of 50.
  • Civil works and partnership companies require at least 2 partners.
  • A private joint-stock company requires a minimum of 3 founders.
  • Public joint-stock companies offer shares for subscription and can have unlimited partners.

Free Zone License Renewal Checklist

Documents required for Free Zone license renewal:

  1. Corporate shareholder(s)/parent company documents: a) Shareholder(s) registered in UAE mainland:
    • Valid trade license from Main Land DED. b) Shareholder(s) registered in UAE Free Zone or outside UAE:
    • Certificate of Good Standing/Commercial Register Extract (as per jurisdiction).
  2. Individual shareholder(s), director(s), and manager documents:
  • Valid Passport copy (if already submitted).
  1. Chamber of Commerce Membership Renewal Application forms (if any).
  2. Renewed Lease Agreement (if applicable).
  3. NOC from relevant authorities (if applicable).
  4. Audited Financials/Report (for industrial license only).

How can we help you?

We at FZ Business Consultancy will assist you in establishing your business in UAE without any unusual costs and constraints. Our consultants with years of experience will make the procedure hassle-free for you. Email us at for your queries.

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