LLC company Setup

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

By law, an LLC must have a majority of its shares owned by a UAE National For an expatriate then, an LLC company is actually a “joint-venture” between the UAE National and the expatriate partner(s). The expatriate may act as the company manager and run its day-to-day affairs. Shareholders are not entitled to any of the profits of the company unless the company’s directors decide to pay dividends to shareholders. The company’s liability is limited to the capital value of the company (which by law is required to be a minimum of USD 81,750 or AED 300,000).

In Dubai, Capital Deposit rule has been cancelled. i.e. Limited Liability Company can be formed without Bank Deposit Certificate and Auditor Certificate.

Non-UAE nationals may own up to 49 per cent of an LLC. In distribution of profit and loss, foreign investor can have 80% and 20% local UAE sponsor.

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