Ajman Offshore

“Offshore Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone”

Type of License: IBC or Limited Liability


  • Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, allows the formation of an offshore Company by individuals or corporate bodies, as a non-resident company, having a corporate legal entity. A Client can set up an offshore company through one of the approved Registered Agent.
  • 100% foreign ownership, 0% personal and corporate taxation, no filing requirements, full repatriation of profits and capital. Ajman Offshore can maintain bank accounts in Dubai and own real estate assets and intellectual property in UAE.
  • AJMAN Offshore Company is an International Business Company just like British Virgin Islands IBC, Caymen Island etc. No trade can be done within UAE. No Visa. No Office. Bank account can be opened.

+Permitted Activities

  • Professional Contact with legal consultants, lawyers, accountants and auditors
  • To hold shareholders and Directors meetings in the UAE
  • International Business and trade of shares, stocks, Options, etc…
  • To hold lease of property for use as registered office or own real property in any real property approved by authority.
  • To hold an account in a Bank in the UAE for the purpose of conducting its routine operational transactions.
  • To become shareholders of Free zone & Limited Liability Companies.

+Ajman Offshore Information

  • Name of the company: Ajman offshore companies must use the suffix Limited or Ltd. to denote limited liability. The following words and their associated activities are prohibited: Banking, Insurance and Re-insurance.
  • Shareholders: Ajman offshore company can have minimum one and a maximum of 50 persons whose liability is limited to their shares in the company’s capital. 100% foreign ownership of the company is allowed. There is no public register of shareholders and directors. Shareholders need to visit Jafza and sign the incorporation documents in the presence of the authorized official of AFZA. Alternatively a power of attorney notarized and legalized by UAE Embassy, can be issued to a nominated person who can then sign before AFZA authorized official.
  • The minimum share capital: Ajman offshore company can select its own minimum capital. Usually we recommend share capital to be US Dollars 1,000. All shares must be fully paid when allotted. A company may not create different classes of shares. Bearer shares cannot be issued. Presently, joint shareholding is not allowed.
  • Directors of the company and secretary: A minimum of two directors and one secretary are required and they cannot be bodies corporate. One of the directors can also be a secretary. A register of directors must be held at the Registered Office, but it is not a matter of public record.
  • Registered office and local agent: Ajman offshore company must maintain a local Registered Agent approved by the local authorities and a local Registered Office, which is usually provided by the Registered Agent.
  • Taxation: Ajman offshore companies pay no taxes on profit, capital gains or anything else in Ajman.
  • Audit and financial returns: No annual reports or accounts need to be filed. Accounts must be audited and accounts must be distributed to shareholders (but NOT filed with the authorities). Ajman offshore company may retain their accounting records wherever in the world the directors deem appropriate.
  • Meetings: Ajman offshore company meetings need not be held in Ajman.


We Have 3 Packages for AJMAN OFFSHORE 


Incorporation in 1 Days
Registered Agent
Registered Office Address
Share Certificates
Mem& Articles of Association
Company Seal
Multi-currency account
International delivery FedEx or DHL
Hard Copy Documents


  1. Passport copy – valid for at least 6 months
  2. Colored photograph
  3. Names of your choice.(3 Names)
  4. Proof of residence (recent Utility Bill like Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill in the name of applicant)

+Licensing Services

  • Submit application to the Registrar
  • Company Formation
  • Attestation of Memorandum & Articles of Association prepared as per the regulation.
  • Offshore Bank Account
  • License renewal
  • License cancellation
  • Transfer of ownership / relinquishment
  • Add partner
  • Remove partner
  • Change of company name
  • Change of company activity
  • Change license information
  • Change partner
  • Change manager
  • Change signature
  • Letters to banks
  • Letters to embassies / consulates
  • Share certificate
  • Share certificate
  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • MOA attested by Free Zone
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Company Name Approval
  • Multiple Activities Approval

  • For all Registration, investors need to provide 3 names

UAE is a “Tax-Free” business territory

Thanks to the EU Savings Directive of 2003, and recent US-EU initiatives to wipe out tax havens, the UAE has become the better place to incorporate offshore companies for various reasons and purposes. The UAE enjoys a reputation as a secure, tax-free jurisdiction for international banking and Company Incorporation. FZ Consultancy Offers, offshore service including, Dubai offshore, rak offshore company, bvi offshore company and set up offshore company,offshore corporation formation dubai and international,offshore business,offshore company packages,offshore Bank Accounts,free zone Dubai, Ajman, RAK, Jebel Ali, company setup services,offshore company formation with fz consultancy dubai offshore agent,offshore company setup services, financial risk management, fz consultancy management consultant, fz consultancy offshore setup

  • Incorporation of an offshore company in 24 hours
  • 100% income tax exemption; 100% corporate tax exemption,
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • No capital gains tax; no VAT; no withholding tax
  • No annual filing, closed register anonymous and discreet
  • Multi-currency accounts, banking facilities
  • No physical presence required for incorporation
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