What is the E-Dirham System?

The E-Dirham G2 system is an electronic payment method designed to facilitate the collection of service fees.  E Dirham is a world-class innovative cashless payment system that is simple, secure, and evolving, partnering with established banks to facilitate smooth, cashless transactions between consumers and the myriad government organizations.

The e-Dirham G2 card is the result of a partnership between the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and the Ministry of Finance.

For government and non-government services, the new system offers a safe, transparent, and simple electronic payment mechanism.

Now you can manage your payments, keep your account information safe and secure, and pay for government services quickly and conveniently — anytime and wherever you want.

Prepaid Al Haslah or e-Dirham cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing customers more control over their finances and spending.

Each card has its own set of attributes, allowing the bearer to select the one that best meets their own financial needs.

Maximum reload amounts, maximum balance, e-Dirham registration, accepted locations, and other features vary between the cards. The e-Dirham blue card, also known as the Blue Al Haslah card, is a Visa Cobranded product that is accepted by Visa retailers all over the world. The Red Al Haslah card, on the other hand, can be used to pay for e-Dirham G2 merchant services.

Types of E Dirham Cards


The new generation Hala Card is ideal for one-off payments or new individual customers. This card does not require registration or documents and can be recharged to a maximum of AED 3,500


Gold card is a Prepaid card with multiple options to top-up. It is suitable for multiple payment transactions and regular payments. Registration is required for an additional level of security. There are certain requirements to issue card which includes Emirates ID or passport.


Best suited for high-net-worth and corporate customers. Personalised prepaid card that requires registration. Unlimited card top-up. Requires KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) registration for corporate customers. Emirates ID or passport or trade licence will be required for issuance of card.


The Blue Al Haslah Card is accepted globally and e-Dirham G2 product and service providers. The reloadable card does not have the name of the cardholder printed on it and is valid for two years. Customers may opt for the registered or unregistered card, with the former allowing a maximum balance of AED 20k.


The Red Al Haslah Card, also known as the e-Dirham red card, is a non-co-branded card that can only be used to pay for e-Dirham G2 services and businesses. It is offered as a registered or unregistered product with a one-year validity period from the moment of the first load. AED 50k is the balance cap on the registered Red Al Haslah Card. It’s also the only card having a magnetic stripe, as the others have electronic chips.


To obtain a Gold Al Haslah Card, you must first register. Only e-Dirham G2 retailers accept the private label card, which has a maximum balance of AED 1 million.


The Green Al Haslah Card is valid for three years and has the cardholder’s name printed on it. It is a Visa Cobranded product and requires registration. Cardholders can add a photo to their card and use it at any Visa-accepting merchant globally. The maximum balance limit on this e-Dirham Visa card is AED 50,000.


The e-Dirham silver card, which is also a Visa Cobranded Card, requires registration and has a maximum card balance of AED 2 million.

Where to use E Dirham Cards?

Depending on the type of card requested, it can be used to pay for services provided by government agencies in the United Arab Emirates and merchants around the world that accept the Visa brand.


List Of UAE authorities that accept e-Dirham card payments:

  • Dubai E-Government
  • Ajman E-Government
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Ajman Chamber of Commerce
  • Umm Al Quwain eGov Department
  • Ras Al Khaimah eGov Authority
  • Abu Dhabi Authorities
  • Dubai Trade
  • GHQ of UAE Armed Forces – AUH
  • SEHA
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Daman
  • The Medical Office Ministry of Presidential Affairs
  • Zayed University
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Securities and Commodities Authority
  • Federal Electricity and water Authority
  • Ministry of Education
  • Al Etihad Credit Bureau
  • Insurance Authority
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Federal Tax Authority FTA
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship ICA

How to apply for E Dirham Cards and other license activities in UAE?

We at FZ Business Consultancy will assist you in establishing your business in UAE without any unusual costs and constraints. Our consultants with years of experience will make the procedure hassle-free for you. Email us at info@fzconsultancy.com for your queries.

How to Recharge E Dirham Card Balance?

If you want to check the remaining balance on your e-Dirham card, you can do so by visiting the e-Dirham website and entering your card data. You can get your E dirham cards recharged at FZ Businessman Service or FZ Consultancy Office.

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