Launch, Grow, Thrive: Why the Hamriyah Free Zone is Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in the Hamriyah Free Zone offers a set of advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to establish their powerful presence in the UAE. The Hamriyah Free Zone, based in the emirate of Sharjah, is well-known for its business-friendly atmosphere and plenty of benefits that make it a desirable location for businesses of all kinds. In this detailed blog, we will look at the various benefits of opening a business in the Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah, emphasizing why it is an ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

100% Foreign Ownership in the UAE

One of the most essential advantages of starting a business in the Hamriyah Free Zone is that the investor will be able to enjoy 100% ownership of their companies. In most of the areas in the UAE, it needs local sponsorship or partnership. The Hamriyah Free Zone provides entrepreneurs and business people with full control and ownership of their businesses. The benefit of freedom of ownership is one of the appealing factors to international investors.

Tax-Free Advantages

Having 100% ownership, the investors and entrepreneurs also get benefits from the various tax exemptions in the Hamriyah Free Zone

Income Tax:  The free zone provides businesses with a significant cost savings benefit as there is no corporate income tax on the earned profits.

Import and Export Duties: The companies in the Hamriyah Free Zone are exempt from paying any import and export duties on the raw materials and goods. This ultimately decreases the cost of your business operations. 

No Value Added Tax (VAT): According to the UAE business tax policy, they have implemented a Value Added Tax(VAT) but the businesses running in the free zone area are exempt from this tax. This exemption improves your business profit margins and makes your product or services more accessible in the market. 

Strategic Location

The Hamriyah Free Zone has a strategic geographic location near the Port of the Hamriyah and the Sharjah International Airport makes it the perfect gateway for businesses involved in trade and logistics. The free zone’s accessibility to key transportation routes allows for rapid travel to global markets, making it a good alternative for enterprises that import and export.

Modern Infrastructure

Any city or area having state-of-the-art infrastructure helps to boost and attract businesses and investors. The Hamriyah Free Zone area has world-class facilities, including warehouses, office spaces, and industrial units. These facilities not only improve the productivity of your business operations but also contribute to the professional status of your business running within the free zone.

Easy Company Setup Process

The Hamriyah Free Zone Companies setup is easy and smooth as compared to other parts of the UAE. The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) knows your business values and achievements. The government rules and regulations along with expert business consultants of FZ Business Consultancy will help you go through each stage of the procedure from registration to operation. Help from professional consultants will help you to focus on other business activities.

Investor-Friendly Policies

To encourage foreign investment, the Hamriyah Free Zone has put in place investor-friendly policies. These policies include competitive pricing on company licenses, land, and facilities, making it an economical option for both new and established firms.

 Access to a Skilled Workforce

The free zone’s location in the UAE allows access to a diversified and skilled workforce. Businesses can hire from the local talent pool, which comprises professionals from diverse countries and backgrounds.

Wrapping Up

Every business wants an appealing combination of full ownership, tax exemptions, strategic geographic location, world-class infrastructure, an east setup process, professional workforces, and investor-friendly policies. The Hamriyah Free Zone offers these all facilities to entrepreneurs and businesses to launch their ideas into reality.

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