UAE citizenship for expatriates: Who can apply and how?

Under specific conditions, the UAE has authorized revisions to its citizenship law, allowing investors, professionals, special talents, and their families to get Emirati nationality and passports.

The initiative intends to recognize the UAE’s talents and capabilities and to recruit brighter minds to the Emirati community “in a way that helps to the country’s progress and prosperity.”

Is it possible for a resident to apply for citizenship?

Nominations from Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Executive Councils, and the Cabinet will be used to get Emirati citizenship based on federal entity nominations.

UAE Citizenship | Passport Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Investors

They must possess a home in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Specialists and doctors

They must be experts in a specific scientific field or any other that is in great demand in the UAE. In addition to acquiring membership in a respectable organization in his field of specialty, the applicant must have acknowledged scientific contributions, studies and research of scientific value, and practical experience of at least 10 years.

  1. Scientists

They must be active researchers in a university or research center, or in the commercial sector, with a minimum of 10 years of expertise in the same field. They should also have made significant achievements in the scientific field, such as winning a prominent scientific award or getting significant funding for their research in the last ten years. A recommendation letter from a recognized scientific institution in the UAE is also required.

  1. Inventors

In addition to a reference letter from the Economy Ministry, they must secure one or more patents that have been granted by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any other respectable international authority.

  1. Creative talents with inventive abilities

Intellectuals and artists should be cultural and artistic trailblazers who have won one or more international awards (s). A letter of endorsement from connected government agencies is also required.

  • Other prerequisites

Other procedures include swearing the oath of loyalty, promising to follow Emirati laws, and officially notifying the relevant government office in the event of the acquisition or loss of any other citizenship.

According to the new changes, citizenship can be revoked if the prerequisites are not met.

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